There is more to see and do at Palic beyond the competition. You can just wonder around the Palic Park, and admire the architecture of old, beautiful houses. Or contemplate in the evening in the quiet place near the lake. Maybe it is good idea to enjoy food and ambience of nearby farms called SALAŠ? The largest and most beautiful lake in Vojvodina, Serbia’s northern region, Palic lake was originally a spa in the mid 19th century. Now it is popular vacation resort year-round and offers a lot of sport activities: sailing, cycling and horseback riding. You should visit tje city of Subotica. It’s beautiful City Hall, impressive building built in 1908, in art nouveau style, features ornate towers, patterned brickwork and vivid colors. Subotica’s 19th century theater just reconstructed, with six great columns in neoclassical style in the centre of town staged its first performance in 1747. If you like leisure and fun, look for the peaton zone in the centre, with beautifull caffes, pizzerias, boutiques

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